The Writer’s Union Scam in Medium

Beware of invitations to join in the comments. They just want your money!

Hermes Solenzol
2 min readApr 4, 2024
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“Nice response! If you’re interested in joining the writer’s union, where you can connect and grow with fellow writers on medium and other writing platforms. Kindly write the admin on T.e.l.e.GRAM ‪Allisonwiltz56.” Comment by Quentin Septar.

[Note: the links above are no longer active. Medium has probably deleted the comment and the account.]

If you go to the profile of Quentin Septar (not Quentin Septer, he’s legit), you’ll find that he has one follower, no profile details and no stories published. It’s, most likely, a fake profile.

I have been seeing a lot of comments like this is Medium. The first one I saw, I took the bait. A union for writers in Medium sounded like a great idea. We could exchange information on how to write effectively. Maybe we could even decipher the mysteries of the Medium algorithm!

So I sent a message to that Telegram account — I think it was a WhatsApp account in that instance.



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