Exactly, which means your whole framing of the problem is wrong. The biosphere ("Gaia") is alive because it displays homeostasis, which for me, Prigogine and Lovelock is the primary attribute of life (see my article "The Secret of Life?").

Gaia does not reproduce and thus is not subject to natural selection and mutation. Similarly, ecosystems do not reproduce but display homeostasis. What is subjected to natural selection are the different species that form an ecosystem, which need to adapt to it. Then different species co-evolve adapting to each other and collectively changing the ecosystem.

On a planetary scale, the evolution of life has changed the planet as a whole, leading to conditions far from the chemical equilibrium but in a steady state. These are the trademarks of life, according to Prigogine. That is the essence of the Gaia Hypothesis, not that Gaia is subjected to natural selection.

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