When I look at the amazing description of the Universe created by science, I find that it is anything but meaningless

Neurons in the brain of a mouse. Confocal microscope image by Hermes Solenzol

Meaning and ethics

When political activism is based on destructive emotions, we all lose

Tentacles by Jeremy-Forson, DeviantArt

The negative effects of anger and how to prevent them

A 50-year-old struggle about porn, BDSM, and prostitution that still rages on

Our kinky library of sex-positive books. Photo by the author.

In support of feminism

  • it has gotten women the right to vote
  • incorporated women into the workforce
  • defended the rights of women in the workplace
  • gave them access to all professions and political power,
  • granted them the right to control their body, their sexuality, and reproduction
  • defended them against violence and sexual abuse
  • among other things.

After science discarded the soul, consciousness took its place.

Subconscious by coolzone17500 via DeviantArt

How We Lost Our Soul

The science and safety of using ginger in sadomasochism and Dominance/submission

Kinktober 2020–22 — Punished by RopeBunnyDani, DeviantArt

Who would enjoy figging?

The benefits and challenges of post-menopausal sex

My wife Lilith at age 52. Photo by the author.

“To many women the menopause marks the end of their useful life. They see as the onset of the end, the beginning of old age. They may be right. Having outlived their ovaries, they may have outlived their usefulness as human beings. The remaining years may just be marking time until they follow their glands into oblivion.” Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid to Ask), by David Reuben, MD

Having sex as you age helps you to stay healthy and to enjoy life

The author climbing in Joshua Tree, March 2021

Monogamous people want to know

Plain rainbow by happyare, DeviantArt
  • One partner has a higher libido than the other. Having sex with a third person satisfies the higher libido partner without forcing the other partner to have unwanted sex.
  • Similarly, one partner has kinks that the other one doesn’t. …

Hermes Solenzol

UCLA professor. Neuroscientist doing research on pain. Writes about science, philosophy, politics and kinky sex. https://sexsciencespirit.blogspot.com/

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