When I look at the amazing description of the Universe created by science, I find that it is anything but meaningless

Neurons in the brain of a mouse. Confocal microscope image by Hermes Solenzol

Meaning and ethics

“Your kink is not my kink but your kink is okay.”

Give a (Slug) Girl a Chance… (Kyo) by macguffin78, DeviantArt
  • Golden showers or “water sports” — urinating on somebody.
  • Choking — possibly the most dangerous BDSM activity.
  • Master/slave — hardcore Dominant-submission relationships that go on 24/7.
  • Consensual Non-Consent (CNC) or Total Power Exchange — people who put their entire trust in the choices of the Dominant.
  • Rape Play — simulated…

Fascism is not just an ideology, is a state of mind that keeps sprouting in the most unlikely places

Source: Martínez el Facha — Impasible el Ademán, by Kim, from El Jueves.

Cómo la evolución y la neurociencia pueden explicar la consciencia

Photo by Dan-Cristian Pădureț on Unsplash


Cuando contemplo la maravillosa descripción del Universo que ha creado la ciencia, encuentro que está llena de sentido

Neuronas en el cerebro de un ratón marcadas con la proteína fluorescente mCherry.
Imagen de microscopio confocal tomada por el autor.

Sentido y ética

Psychology and neuroscience weigh in on whether jealousy is innate or cultural

Celos, by Jadesweetboxx, DeviantArt

Practicar el sexo cuando envejeces te mantiene saludable y te ayuda a disfrutar de la vida

El autor escalando en Joshua Tree en enero del 2021

Science reveals how beliefs like ‘jealousy is a sign of love’ lead to violence against women

Jealousy by creativelybankrupt, DeviantArt

Violence against women and domestic violence

When political activism is based on destructive emotions, we all lose

Tentacles by Jeremy-Forson, DeviantArt

The negative effects of anger and how to prevent them

Hermes Solenzol

UCLA professor. Neuroscientist doing research on pain. Writes about science, philosophy, politics and kinky sex. https://sexsciencespirit.blogspot.com/

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